Welcome to AT&T Home Turf, part of AT&T’s Blue Room – a place on the web that featured music, sports and more. For Home Turf we traveled all over the country to see how all sorts of athletes lived their day-to-day lives. The video’s were all 7-10 minutes long and a huge success for AT&T. Around 30 webisodes were shot of pro soccer, tennis, baseball and football players as well as a handful of Olympians.

To drive people to the site we were able to cut 15 and 30 second spots that consisted of a taste of what you would see online. We also got to do print ads for each episode. The print stills were shot the same day as the film. It was a hectic get in and get out situation. It truly was a “day in the life” because that’s all the time we had with them.


One of a series of videos shot for the web. Here we enter the San Francisco home of Baron Davis, aka Boom Dizzle. He’s an NBA All Star, then Golden State Warrior and all around good guy.

In this series, Prime Time shows the viewer around athlete’s homes and asks about how AT&T products are used in there day-to-day lives. And we manage to have some fun while we are at it.